Why I Do It…

I am a teacher.  I love what I do.  In those thirty minute, forty five minute, or hour long lessons, I get the chance to dive into the lives of precious children of God.  Each one is a special creation.  Each one is created to do something in this world that no one else can do.  Each one is created to bring glory to God.  The parents hire me to turn their kids into little musicians.  They hire me to help find college scholarship potential.  I do not think the parents often expect what they are going to get with me.  Of course we learn to play violin.  We learn how to make a “bow bunny” finger puppet.  We learn how to bring correct tone out of the instrument.  We learn how to shape melodies and create music.  We discover hidden talents and we discover lack of talent.  Hey, I’m just being honest.

There is more to it though.  One mentor of mine said “as a teacher, I get to get inside my student’s brains and mess around”.  That is seriously how I feel.  As relationships grow with students, I feel like they begin to trust me in a way that allows me to speak truth into their lives.  I get to tell them when they are playing a tune incorrectly.  I get to tell them how much Jesus loves them.  I get to tell them I love them.  I get to love them.  What an awesome privilege.  Tonight I got to reconnect with one of my darlings.

I am a teacher.



I am blessed.