Sister Pride

This weekend was so fun!!!  As you noted in my last post, I took a trip to the ATL this weekend to see my beautiful sister perform a Broadway musical.

I am a major fan of Broadway music, but I did not know any of the music for Joseph/Dream coat.  I knew the story of Joseph.  Duh.  But it was one of the few productions that I did not know anything about at all.

That meant that on Friday night when I got to the first performance there was a freshness to the experience that I do not often get to see.  Every song was new and the stage production “secrets” were very new!  I did not expect the brothers and wives to take a trip to Oklahoma, including a bonafide hoe down.  My sister was the most dramatic mourner on stage during the crying scene.  I found myself sitting in the audience and sort of mimic-ing her facial expressions.  I think if your expressions are so powerful that the audience mimics you, you are excellently powerful!

I did not expect Pharaoh to have been a past life incarnation of Elvis.  I did not expect the hairy Ishmaelites to be walking a stuffed camel across the stage.  Hilarious!  I laughed out loud!

This one is posted on my mom’s blog too.  Oh, all these pictures are taken by my mother – who really knows how to use the buttons on her camera!  My pictures are still just point and shoot quality.  I think my sister is particularly cute here.

Our Jacksonville friends and our aunt and uncle came to the performances too.  It was good to have family there.  I am so proud of my sister!