There are some things this day should absolutely be remembered for.  Today should be remembered as the day that when asked what fans should do to prepare for Saturday’s game,  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady replied “well, we have an early game this week….4:15 start time….so start drinking early, let’s get rowdy!”  This only became funny when the Patriots PR team released a statement saying that what Tom meant was “stay hydrated….drink lots of water”.  WHAT?

Today should be remembered as the day I was called more pet names by random people than ever before.  I use a lot of pet names.  Darlin’.  Sweetheart.  Hon.  Pretty girl.  At the height of my thyroid-induced crazy, I was known to call most of my boy students Geranimo.  (is that how you spell that name??)  So sometimes pet names happen because I cannot remember your name.  Often they happen because I love you.  I do not often get called pet names though, except by momma.  I’ve always been some version of “angel” for her.  Today everybody was using pet names for me.  The cashier at the warehouse store called me “dear”.  She is my age too.  The waitress at the most amazing cuban restaurant ever called my variations of sweetheart the whole time I was there.  Sounded nice with her accent.  Still strange.

Today should be remembered as the day I bought my husband a surprise!  Really, the surprise was for both of us, but since I bought it the surprise factor was low.  I got the greatest deal on a gas grill for our back patio!  I literally paid 40% of the original price.  Brand spankin’ new grill!  I did the little dance.

Today should be remembered as the day I finally made some progress marketing myself in the Louisville area.  There are a few people willing to help me get my name out.  It is time for me to start teaching again.  I miss it.  I miss the kids….and their silly quirks.

Today should be remembered as the day I finally found personality in the physical therapy office.  Seriously, it has been “earth to people, are you there people???”  The girls there are really sweet and have good senses of humor.  They just don’t tell their faces.  Someone else came over to me to tell me about his violinist daughter.  I guess folks are starting to get to know me there.

So yeah, a day worth remembering.