So today.  How to start this?  Today.  We have dogs.  Dave is at training.  Thus I have dogs.  Oh my goodness dogs.

I adore Danger and Gunny.  They are the smartest, sweetest dogs on the planet.  I even love them when Danger gives me attitude and Gunny “explores” furniture with his teeth.  Today though.  Oh my goodness the dogs today.

It rained for twenty four hours.  It got cold after the front moved through.  The dogs had to go to the bathroom.  One of the many conveniences about staying with my parents is the fenced in area out the basement door.  I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom while I got dressed.  When I called them to come in I was prepared with a towel to wipe off their feet that I was sure would be wet.  I was not prepared for the dirtballs that came running to the door.  They were both covered in mud and leaves.  Covered.  Slimy.  Happy.  Gross.

Knowing there were two dog baths in my future, I took the dogs on a long walk.  Long.  Like one and a half miles.  Not long for a run, but pretty long for a walk with two active pups attached to my arm.  They had so much fun.  They were so happy.  They were so filthy!!

I love my adorable, exhausted, CLEAN dogs!


As the weather gets cooler…then warmer…then cooler again, our dogs change personalities like dirty socks.  Degrees fahrenheit directly impact their behavior.  Today it rained and the dogs have been nuts all day.  Like racing around in circles nuts.  Foyer – hallway – living room – dining room – kitchen – foyer.  Barking.  Jumping.  Smiling.  Wagging.  Absolutely crazy dogs today.  So when Dave came home exhausted and fell asleep on the couch, they saw their chance.

Poor Dave.

Don’t you feel bad for him?

There was a plan…

I had the best plan for my blog today.  It is the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox if you will, and I was going to celebrate.  I was going to post a picture of something fall-ish and say “happy fall”.  Like the color of the leaves.  Or a decoration that symbolizes the season.  Though I have to admit all the decorations seem to be combining fall, halloween, and thanksgiving.  They are a little strange.  So anyway, I went out to take pictures.  Here is what I came up with.

Not exactly fall colors.  I think that branch is actually dead.  Whatever.

Oh but I did find an evergreen…kinda pretty.

Technically it is the color that it would be in the fall…oh, and I should have editted out trash can out, but I didn’t know how to do that without cutting the tree.  I guess I could learn.

Anyway, I felt very weird about walking up to one of my neighbors’ front porch to take a picture of fall decor.  Believe me, I do not even own fall decorations.  Not gonna happen.  My plans for my post are simply not happening.  I came inside and Dave asked me how it went and I stood in the living room staring around my house blankly.  I simply could not think of what to take a picture of.  Then this happened.

Yes, he prefers to be ON you when he relaxes.

The dogs became my photo shoot, and they loved it. They were totally hamming it up.


Play time.  Sometimes they actually do play together and both pull on the rope.  Most of the time Danger just pulls Gunny around the room until Gunny decides he has had enough and tackles Danger.  Or else they just sit at opposite ends of the rope and chew it to bits.

Like that.  I also got a bunch of pictures of Gunny’s tongue.  Seriously, you have to see this thing.  He has the longest tongue and he slurps it around as his primary sensory experience.  He likes to lick people….everything.

I love that tongue!

Dave may or may not be making pancakes.  I may or may not have put chocolate in the batter.  Tonight is a good night.

Happy Fall!


Hello!  I had a blog I was writing for today….and it was awful!  I mean, seriously, it was boring!  I was getting bored finishing it!  HA!  So, it is deleted and I am starting over!  Let’s see…. a creative dinner of turkey burger, steamed spinach, avocado, and tomatoes from my garden.

So yummy, probably my favorite way to serve turkey burgers ever!

Danger and Gunny both are herders at heart.  They herd each other.  They herd us.  We have been working on the “get out of the kitchen” command with Gunny, one we thought Danger was pretty solid on.  Still there are moments they want to make sure we cannot get away without their notice.

Then they go to sleep.

We had a grilling adventure with our new grill.  Our first meal with the grill was grilled chicken and grilled zucchini.

Note the timer….getting it down to a science!

Danger actually got to come outside while we were grilling…without the leash.  There was nobody else around, which is pretty much the only time he goes out without a leash.  He wouldn’t harm anybody, but he would certainly go for a visit.  His curiosity trumps obedience every time.  The neighbors all feel pretty comfortable with Danger, but if he is running at you and barking, he can still make you nervous, so we avoid that situation diligently.

Eventually he settled down to watch the ongoing cooking.  Note the old, soon to be disposed of, grill and coal starter!

While Danger was outside with us, Gunny was pitching a complete temper tantrum right at the back door.  He was fussing and making growly squeaky noises that Belle calls dinosaur sounds.  He was not at all pleased with the fact that Danger got to be outside with us and he was left in doors.  It was truly hilarious.

Dave had the camera for a minute… and this is what I just found on my memory card.  I look so pensive.  I was probably just keeping an eye on the dog!

I liked this picture because of the light in the smoke.

Happy night bloggy-world!