Last night I had the incredible privilege to see Dave perform in public as a bonafide rockstar. It was so much fun!  The concert was at an outdoor amphitheater on post and was part of the newly established Commander’s Concert Series.  There were folks there with picnics and folding chairs and elderly veterans and babies.  Everyone was happy and laughing.  They seemed to enjoy being there.  I know I had an absolute blast.  At one point in the concert, the band leader invited some kids who were dancing in the front area to come up on stage.  It was so precious.  They were dancing and singing along.  They were even strumming air guitars.

I took Gunny to the concert with me to get him some more socialization experience. Before the concert started Dave came up to chat with me…and to pet Gunny of course.  I got the best picture of him!

Gunny did so well!  He is still nervous around new people, but he is so excited to see them.  He wags his butt like crazy and backs away from the people he wants to pet him.  It was so cute!  One other thing he did was introduce me to the most wonderful people.  It was super fun.

As the sun was setting, the light on stage became really beautiful.  I wish mom would have been there because she would have gotten some really awesome pictures.  I did my best.

Dave didn’t know I was taking pictures.  He was having an authentically great time.  Wanna see how I know?

That is my absolute favorite smile on the whole planet.  I love him so much.