Couch time

The dogs were “helping” me do Pilates.

Dave “helped” them get out of my way.

I love these boys.


Wedding shoes

I had the most beautiful wedding.  My dress was perfection.  Literally.  It was perfection.  I felt so beautiful.  And I was tall.  The gorgeous white super high heels made me extra tall.  Gorgeous.  

And then Gunny.

So yeah, not that I would be wearing them again, but now they are definitely trashed.

Sorta looks like a shark bit them.  We looked all over for the other half, but it was nowhere to be found.

Guessing Gunny’s stomach might be a little tender for the next day or so…

So, this happened

Sunny beautiful day.  Great day to teach a class.  Great day to head up to Louisville.  Gotta dress professionally.

We had a few things that we needed from Trader Joes, so since IWU is near there I made the stop.  As I came out of the store, this is what I see.

Of course I wore white silk shoes today.  Naturally the shoes were my priority.  So I rolled up my pant legs and did this.

Sorta took me back to age six….puddle splash!!


I am a fan of apple fritters.

When I saw a recipe for apple fritter bread, I bookmarked it.

When we ended up with a slow afternoon today and something to celebrate (the completion of another consulting contract) the bookmark was called up and the apple fritter bread just had to be made!

Oh my sweet deliciousness.

Hope your day had a sweet highlight!

For Daddy

At 7:12 this evening I realized there was a dog food crisis in my house.  As in, there was not enough dog food for them to eat dinner AND breakfast in the morning.  Oops.  The store closes at 7:30.  The speed limit is 15.  I decided to go for it.

Of course the MPs were out tonight.  Behind every bush.  Lights sparkling blue as they pulled over cars.  Not mine.  I did not speed.  But I wanted to.  I only had a few minutes to get to the store.

I noticed some little sleepy animals in a field next to the street.

I walked into the store at 7:29.  Phew.  The dogs will not starve.  In case you are wondering, if it is 6:00, am or pm, they let us know.  They stand and stare at us as though playing the “no-blink” game until we get up and feed them.  They act like they have not eaten in forever.  Ha.  They have not missed a meal in their lives.

Back to those little sleepy animals.

There was a herd of deer.

Deer are pretty common around here.  The ONLY reason I notice them is because of my dad.  Growing up, Daddy would frequently point out the car window as we were speeding down the interstate and say “Look! A deer!!”.  We never, ever saw the ghost-animal he said was there.  Then when I was working in Dahlonega, Ga I started seeing a bunch of deer and I would call Dad to tell him about every single one – alive or not-so-alive.  It became such a long running joke that we still laugh about seeing deer five years later.

There are so many deer on post that I would be calling my dad multiple times a day if I still called to tell him about each one.  These guys were so cute though.  Two were laying in the middle of the soccer field.  They were still there when I came back from the store.  Pictures were necessary.

The nappers got up while I was sitting there.

And stretched like a puppy!

So, hey Daddy, I saw a deer!!!

Broccoli Thief

Danger is a veggie loving dog.  He got ahold of the broccoli stalk tonight.  And he munched on it under the dining room table.  And we laughed our heads off.  And we took pictures.  Then we took the stalk away.

He was less than pleased.


I like car movies.  The faster the cars, the better.  That really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  Except I was driving today.  All day. And Fast and Furious is on TV right now.  I’m a Vin fan.  Anyway.  Driving.  All day.

I listened to the radio a whole bunch as I drove.  There was so much to learn!

Last night, the fireworks display in San Diego was supposed to be the biggest and best in the nation.  It wasn’t.  It was supposed to last twenty minutes.  It didn’t.  Something went terribly wrong and all the explosives went off at the same time.  It lasted sixteen seconds.  Pretty freaking amazing.

**colder weather…..**

The Dow Jones futures were up thirty points before the opening bell.

A car had hit a tree in Cobb County.  According to the traffic announcer, the tree hit back.  (Pahahaha!!)


The ship crew that helped film Titanic helped to find the bodies of two pilots shot down in the Mediterranean.

There is a massive effort in Kenya to stop the spread of AIDS.  Doctors and community organizers are attempting to get a million men to be circumcised by the end of the year.  Apparently the surgery decreases the chance of contracting the infection by sixty percent.  400,000 men have already had what has been termed “the cut”.

**Georgia peaches…..**

The physics of traffic at a stop light that turns green is called a wave of rarefaction.  As the first row of cars moves, then the second row, then the third row, a wave motion can be seen moving backward from the light.  It is the same type of wave that astrophysicists study in collapsing stars.

The Dow Jones closed down 47 points.

Time to unplug!!