The End


They have had an incredibly busy day.  They love each other.  They love me.


I love them.



Today I was brave.

I took both dogs on a walk…at the same time.

They actually did really well!  Gunny stayed right next to me for most of the walk and Danger led the way, as he tends to do.

When we got home, they wanted water and a cool floor.  And I had precious quiet time to read 10 chapters of Genesis.

A lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Ankle bracelets

Today Gunny is learning that the leash does not follow him around.

In other news, I have my very first red tomato in my happy little potted plant garden.

I actually giggled, clapped my hands, and jumped with a tiny bit of joy when I saw it!  I have been nursing that happy plant along.  It smelled so good when I bought it.  I was shopping at Lowe’s for good-smelling plants.  I shop at Lowe’s because they give a ten percent military discount.  There were not many good-smelling plants.  It was late in the season to be starting a potted plant garden and most of the good stuff was gone.  But I found a hearty little rosemary tree, a sad-looking oregano sprig, a strong sweet basil plant, some petunias, and the happy cherry tomato plant.  I had no idea how delicious tomato plants smell.  My mom hates tomatoes.  Like totally hates them.  I like them, but would not have thought to like the plant as much as I have.  When I bought it there were two or three little berry-sized tomatoes on a couple of thin green branches.  In the weeks since planting my potted plant garden, all the plants have just thrived!  The basil looks like a forest, the petunias are crawling out to their pots, and the tomato required a tomato-stake-wire-cone-shaped-thingy join its personal pot.  And now I have a cheerful little red tomato.  Happy gardener.

Gunny is used to the leash doing as he pleases.  It is attached to his collar so he gets used to it.  It serves as a tail, sort of.  It also serves as a toy when Danger and Gunny are playing together.  Once Gunny is good and riled up and Danger is done sitting on his head to keep him pinned down, Danger sits on the leash, and Gunny is up a creek without a paddle.  It is very, VERY funny to watch.

Tonight I cooked.  Well, I cook every night.  Dave and I are on a diet that gives us the opportunity to eat six times every day.  Who would not love that?  Tonight I had the absolutely delightful chance to twirl out to my little potted plant garden and harvest some herbs for my dinner concoction.

Doesn’t it just look gourmet?  Don’t you wish you were eating here with me?

All this blog writing, cooking, and dog training inspired me to pull out a movie I love.  I am currently writing to you, bloggies, while Julie & Julia plays on our big screen tv.  I love this movie.  I’m sure most people love Merle Streep’s performance as Julia, but I honestly like Amy Adams’ Julie.  There is a connection I have with her.  That is probably a whole, long, other story.  Maybe I should study psychology too.

Gunny is not happy to be learning how to walk on a leash with me being in charge of where we are going.  He rebels violently when I pull the leash.  He bucks up and stares at the floor as though I am not there.  Wanna see?

He is a more nervous dog than Danger ever was, so I am training him differently.  A lot more positive re-enforcement for my little Gunny.  Tonight though, a little tough love.  He had to go where I was going.  Eventually he got the hang of it and I got everything done that was on my to do list, well almost.

All with Mr. Precious strapped to my ankle.

Toxins and Toys

We are doing a cleanse.  You know, those kind with 18 different fiber pills each day?  Cleanses have these lofty promises in their descriptions.  Things like how healthy your skin will be, how strong you will be, how good your liver will feel.  I’ve never really felt my liver, but I’ll let you know if it feels good.  Who thinks about how their liver feels?  Well, another fun part about doing a cleanse is toxin releases.  Toxins, those tiny little particles of ugliness that clog up my body, are happy lurking in their warm little corners of my body.  When something, like a cleanse, causes them to release their hold on my innards they do not go quietly.  This is starting to sound gross, but bear with me, I’m familiar with toxin releases.  They can be caused by many things – drinking delicious carrot and apple juice, practicing hot yoga, deep tissue massage.  Today toxins are making me feel awful.  I’m lethargic and sore, but in a hilariously good mood, so the next part is really funny.  I sound like Chewbacca when I speak!  Can’t tell you how many times we’ve laughed at my voice today!

In other news, my house looks like we have toddlers.  We do not.  We do not have kids at all.  We have dogs.  Danger is three and a half and has been with us since he was six weeks old.  Gunny is three months and has been with us for one whole week!  Left to his own devices, Danger will chill out all day long.  Gunny livens up the joint pretty significantly.  Gunny loves toys, so we have pulled out all the old dog toys from when we were first time pet owners – all those toys that Danger was never even one bit interested in.  All the toys fit into a Steve Madden shopping bag, thus there is a new game in the Scott household.  Ashley picks up all the dog toys and puts them in the yellow Steve Madden bag.  Ashley pushes Danger off the pull toys, crawls under couches, and gathers dog toys like a squirrel before the first frost – and puts them in the yellow Steve Madden bag.  Then the bag gets set in the middle of the living room.  Then Ashley gets to put her feet up and relax for a few minutes as both dogs dive headlong into the yellow bag.  I treasure those moments.  I know exactly where both dogs are.  I know exactly what both dogs are doing.  The dogs are ecstatically pulling all of the toys out of the bag and scattering them about the house.

happy puppy

Happiness all around.