Adventures in Adoption Fundraising: $995

It was nearly the end of day one in our weekend-long garage sale extravaganza.  Technically there were still about 90 minutes left in the official sale-day, but it felt like a near-end.  The slow of shoppers had stalled.  The sun was beating down on the pavement, and anyone who dared venture onto said pavement.  We sat on the clean floor of the garage and chatted.  Well, I was actually laying down across the floor.  There were no customers, I could do as I pleased.

Mom had a Gambler-esque philosophy about the garage sale dollars.  You know, knowing when to hold’em, fold’em, walk away, and run.  Actually, she was specific about not counting her money while sitting at the table.  Periodically she would vanish indoors to keep tabs on the income.  It seemed like a good time to count since there were no new people to meet and sell to, so in the house she went.  When she came out, it was with a half-laugh, half-groan.  The laugh was because of the joy in realizing what God had done….the groan was because of the hilarity in realizing what we still had to do.  We had $995.  We were tired and hot and sweaty.  We honestly wanted to go ahead and close up for the day.  But seriously, if you have $995, you absolutely MUST stay open to sell $5 more.

So there we were.

Sitting on the garage floor, no customers, no sounds except for the crickets…and not closing until we made five more dollars.

A lady walked down the driveway.  Turned around and walked right back up.  Fail.

Then a couple came down together.  They were probably mid-fifties and they were very curious about our adoption.  I hustled.  I mean, I HUSTLED!  I told all sorts of stories about adoption, special needs, our music careers, Dave’s role in the military.  I HUSTLED.  They did not find anything they needed to buy, so they decided to go through our book section, where everything cost $1, and pick up a few books.  Guess how many they bought.  Four.  They bought four books for a grand total of $4.  When they walked away we all just cracked up.  $999.  We needed one single more dollar.  I’m fairly certain each of us considered running inside to our own wallets and “donating” that dollar.  But that would have interrupted God.

He had another hundred or so dollars for us to raise that day.  It just took a tad more patience than we expected!




Character development is hard.  Ha!  I guess that statement suggests more than one topic.  Developing character as a human being and a child loved by a Heavenly Father is a lifelong effort to be transformed into the image of Christ.  That is definitely hard.  We are so fallen.  I am so fallible.  I so easily fall back into selfish habits and un-Scriptural thought patterns.  Developing my character is a daily process.

Character development as it pertains to writing my novel, well, that is also a daily process.  I am learning something new about writing a book every day.  Today I learned some ideas about how to develop characters.  I am creating profiles for each of my characters.  So far I have two, but there will be more as I go through this process.  Each profile is just a piece of paper right now with everything I can think of about the character.  Their hair color.  Eye color.  What kind of car they drive.  Whether they are shy or outgoing.  Whether they tend to quote cartoon characters. It will take a few days before I move onto the next step.  I’m having fun putting these characters together, though.  It is kind of like describing someone I know who is actually a compilation of a bunch of people I’ve met.  It is like creating a whole new person and getting to know them at the same time.  This is so fun!

And I got to write in the company of beautiful flowers….I love my husband!

Ankle bracelets

Today Gunny is learning that the leash does not follow him around.

In other news, I have my very first red tomato in my happy little potted plant garden.

I actually giggled, clapped my hands, and jumped with a tiny bit of joy when I saw it!  I have been nursing that happy plant along.  It smelled so good when I bought it.  I was shopping at Lowe’s for good-smelling plants.  I shop at Lowe’s because they give a ten percent military discount.  There were not many good-smelling plants.  It was late in the season to be starting a potted plant garden and most of the good stuff was gone.  But I found a hearty little rosemary tree, a sad-looking oregano sprig, a strong sweet basil plant, some petunias, and the happy cherry tomato plant.  I had no idea how delicious tomato plants smell.  My mom hates tomatoes.  Like totally hates them.  I like them, but would not have thought to like the plant as much as I have.  When I bought it there were two or three little berry-sized tomatoes on a couple of thin green branches.  In the weeks since planting my potted plant garden, all the plants have just thrived!  The basil looks like a forest, the petunias are crawling out to their pots, and the tomato required a tomato-stake-wire-cone-shaped-thingy join its personal pot.  And now I have a cheerful little red tomato.  Happy gardener.

Gunny is used to the leash doing as he pleases.  It is attached to his collar so he gets used to it.  It serves as a tail, sort of.  It also serves as a toy when Danger and Gunny are playing together.  Once Gunny is good and riled up and Danger is done sitting on his head to keep him pinned down, Danger sits on the leash, and Gunny is up a creek without a paddle.  It is very, VERY funny to watch.

Tonight I cooked.  Well, I cook every night.  Dave and I are on a diet that gives us the opportunity to eat six times every day.  Who would not love that?  Tonight I had the absolutely delightful chance to twirl out to my little potted plant garden and harvest some herbs for my dinner concoction.

Doesn’t it just look gourmet?  Don’t you wish you were eating here with me?

All this blog writing, cooking, and dog training inspired me to pull out a movie I love.  I am currently writing to you, bloggies, while Julie & Julia plays on our big screen tv.  I love this movie.  I’m sure most people love Merle Streep’s performance as Julia, but I honestly like Amy Adams’ Julie.  There is a connection I have with her.  That is probably a whole, long, other story.  Maybe I should study psychology too.

Gunny is not happy to be learning how to walk on a leash with me being in charge of where we are going.  He rebels violently when I pull the leash.  He bucks up and stares at the floor as though I am not there.  Wanna see?

He is a more nervous dog than Danger ever was, so I am training him differently.  A lot more positive re-enforcement for my little Gunny.  Tonight though, a little tough love.  He had to go where I was going.  Eventually he got the hang of it and I got everything done that was on my to do list, well almost.

All with Mr. Precious strapped to my ankle.