Adventures of a Short Sale Pirate : Closing

It is finished.

Praise Jesus!

The process is over.

The weight that has been lifted off of my shoulders can be described in tons. Or elephants.

The condo was on the market for fifteen months.  The first offer took 20 weeks to be approved.  Then the buyer walked.  The second offer was a blessing from the Lord.  It only took 8 weeks…only.  I learned lessons that could qualify for college credit.  Seriously.  Is there a Masters of Obnoxious Tenacity?  How about an Associate Degree in Managing People Who Work for Computers?  I could probably teach these classes!  But I am going to stick with the music scene I think.

Closing today was nice.  It was relaxed and moderately friendly.  The couple who purchased the place is charming.  They are going to love it.  It is going to be loved.  There are going to be more wonderful memories made.  Grandkids will play in the pool.  Or run in the hallway.  Coffee will be sipped on beautiful summer mornings on the porch.

I will move on with my life.


Happy Birthday to Her!

Special trip to Atlanta to share in the birthday festivities!  Belle is 21…oh my gracious!

I love my sister!

Can’t be comfortable

Gunny and I are in Atlanta for the week.  Great drive today.  Gunny had a bit of trouble getting comfortable.  When he did fall asleep, well, I just can’t believe it felt that great.

Just wish Dave and Danger were here too!

Indecent Proposal – A Shocking Event

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I plan to write a book.  Depending on the day, the topic of said book varies to the point that someday I may actually need to write a number of books.  Today is certainly a chapter for “Funny Crap Happens to Me!”

Torrential rain began on my way home from delivering an item I sold online to a woman who did not turn out to be an axe murderer.  Dusk had fallen.  Visibility was a challenge.  I drove patiently, unlike some of the crazys on the interstate.  After days of gorgeous weather most of us had forgotten things like “slippery when wet” and “vehicle not meant to perform triple-axel”.

My eyes, my mind, and my mind’s eye were tired when the interstate finally ended and I turned left onto the friendly highway-of-a-million-lights that would take me home.  I needed a warm drink to get me through the drive.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking there might be a coffee shop on this road.  Not that kinda town.  I pulled into the gas station/donut shop hoping for a cup of steamy hot chocolate.  Knowing a large styrofoam cup of cocoa would cost 89 cents, I slipped a dollar bill into my back pocket and went inside.  As I carried my self-serve cup to the counter, it happened.  The conversation that turned my day from “I should blog about being that girl who goes to deliver an internet sale to an unknown woman in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night” to “I have never blushed so completely in a gas station in my life”.

There were two exceedingly friendly Kentucky-type ladies on duty behind the counter.  They were both having a nice, if slightly loud, conversation with the gentleman who walked up to the counter in front of me.  This conversation continued as I walked up to hand over my dollar bill.

“Hi, how are ya?” the cashier lady asked me.

“I’m doing well, thank you” I replied, friendly as ever.

“Rain is kinda bad out there” she mentioned.

“Yes! And it is cold!” I continued “I am hoping this hot chocolate can help with that”.

Then the man looked at me, smiled, and joined in “If you won’t bite, I will help with that…”

The depth of the shades of red on my cheeks could only be described by an artist’s palette.  I was shocked.  I practically ran to my car, laughing.

Now as I sit here on my couch finishing off a rather delicious cup of hot chocolate, I sincerely regret not informing the man that I do, in fact, bite.

Oh dear…

I was on my way back home.  Across the street.  I am taking care of my neighbor’s dogs while she is on a trip with her hubby.  I was just minding my business, walking up the sidewalk.

Then a neighbor child pointed at me, and said to her friend “Look! There’s the old lady!”

Thus goes my day.

Cherokee Park

It was a perfect October day today.  The sun was shining.  The sky was sheer cobalt.  The clouds were few and puffy.  There was a cool breeze.  We had no desire to spend the day indoors.  This afternoon we threw the bike on the back of the truck and headed up to Cherokee Park.  There are fantastic mountain bike trails there for Dave.  I ran the loop road around the park.  It was the longest run I have attempted in a year and a half.  It felt so good.  I’m so not going to be able walk tomorrow.  After our lovely exercise I whipped out the camera.  Look what I saw through my viewfinder….

Hope your day was full of love and light!

For Kelly

Upon hearing that my friend the mommy had dressed her baby as a “homie” this afternoon, I skipped down the hill and across the street for some sweet time with “homie” and sister and mommy!  It was so nice outside.  We just talked and laughed and played.  I love babies!

Look at those little toes!

Sister was talkative and playful today!

I had fun taking pictures…so beautiful!

Homie had stories to tell.  He was not altogether pleased in this one.

Dave came over to pump up sister’s bike tire.  She was running a bit low on air.  Dave just happens to be a bike tire specialist – especially after the number of tubes he has popped on mountain bike trails recently!

She is the most friendly and sweet girl….just telling Dave stories.

Oh and mommy doesn’t know it yet, but Homie is born to play violin or cello – or so says their string playing neighbor!

Look at that tiny little bow-bunny!  The perfect hand shape for the bow.

Okay, enough of this!  I hope Homie and Sister’s mommy and daddy enjoy the pictures.

You guys have the most beautiful babies!

As the weather gets cooler…then warmer…then cooler again, our dogs change personalities like dirty socks.  Degrees fahrenheit directly impact their behavior.  Today it rained and the dogs have been nuts all day.  Like racing around in circles nuts.  Foyer – hallway – living room – dining room – kitchen – foyer.  Barking.  Jumping.  Smiling.  Wagging.  Absolutely crazy dogs today.  So when Dave came home exhausted and fell asleep on the couch, they saw their chance.

Poor Dave.

Don’t you feel bad for him?