57 cents

Two things of note happened today.  Yeah, kinda slow around here.

I successfully microwaved a sweet potato to the level of delicious baked sweet potato-ness.  This is a major achievement.  I recently baked potatoes in my oven for hours in an attempt to get them soft and fluffy.  They came out completely disgusting.  How bad can a baked potato be?  Really bad.  It was gross.  Today’s success gave me hope for my potato-cooking future.

I bought three four-packs of greek yogurt for nineteen cents each.  Yep.  I got $14 worth of creamy wonderfulness for 57 cents.

Good day.


Two in One

Yeah, so this is my second picture of dogs post today.  Danger just got scared by the air kicking on and making the hall doors crash.  He was really scared.  He sat on my chest to protect me….or to have me protect him!

Then Gunny got jealous and joined the party.  He sat on my head.

It all happened so fast.  So funny!!

Introducing Gunny Smurf!

Puppies are interesting to have around.  I love my dogs.  They are funny and warm and cuddly and … well, a lot.  We have been working with Gunny to be able to leave him out with Danger in the house when we leave.  It has been touch and go.  He does pretty well.  Paper seems to really tempt him.  So when we leave we pick up or cover anything we think he might want to chew.  This morning I left the cable bill out as a test.  Don’t worry, already paid it.  I was going to the grocery store.  Wouldn’t be gone too long.  I picked up everything else that he might get.  I thought.

Dave got home before me.  Thank you Jesus.  Gunny had found my favorite blue pen.  He tore it into tiny little pieces.  How does that happen?!?!  How does a pen end up in shreds?!?!  A serious pen too.  Not the kind I used to chew the ends when I was writing and thinking.  This pen had a cap.  A serious pen.  In bits.

What happened, you might ask, to the blue ink that would have presumptively been in this serious blue favorite pen of mine?  Well.  A few drips got on the carpet under the dining room table.  Dave took care of that…the stain isn’t gone, but it’s not like an entire colony of smurfs vomited on the carpet.  Just a few drips.  No big deal.  Oh wait.  There was the whole element of the puppy who tore the pen to shreds.  The smurfs vomited all over him.  He went through the whole smurf clan induction ceremony.

Introducing Gunny Smurf!

Needless to say this drama was a little exciting.  He needed a bath.  His footsteps were blue.  He needed a good washing.  Dave had to go back to work, so bathing Gunny Smurf fell to me.  Yay!  Lest you think that scrubbing his blue areas, formerly white, with shampoo would get rid of the blue…  It didn’t.  Scrubbing blue became lighter blue.  Scrubbing blue with shampoo four separate times, a touch lighter.  Lest you think Gunny Smurf was washed down the drain…

…he’s gonna be around a while.

Oh and the cable bill?  Confetti.

The ‘Possum and The Flake

Tonight’s two hour drive home was relatively uneventful, with precisely two exceptions.

I saw an opossum on the side of the road.  Not abnormal.  Except that it was ALIVE.  At least for the time being the little critter was kickin’ it roadside in the pitch black night.  Nasty looking dude!

I saw snowflakes.  Not abnormal.  It is February in Kentucky.  But I came to a realization tonight.  There are different types of snowflakes and I have a favorite kind.  I like the lazy flakes.  The ones that are in no hurry to reach the ground.  They dance and sway and swirl as they make there way to their destination.  They look like so many bits of fairy dust sparkling about.  I smiled.

I’m home now.  Time for sleep.

Artistic Response

You, my reader, are probably clear at this point that I am teaching an Arts Appreciation course.  I am up to my eye brows in neumes, naves, and nudes.  Many artists took the opportunity to create a work in response to the work of another artist.  They were inspired.

My mom, who is actually a photographer, posted this delightful piece on her blog today.  It inspired me to an artistic response.  Perhaps it is less influence of the Renaissance on the Baroque and more influence of St. Peter’s Basilica on my childhood treehouse, but in homage to downward dogs…

Kentucky yoga!

Superlative Success

First class at Indiana Wesleyan is in the history books.  It was a fantastic evening with delightful students.  I drove 100 miles from my home to the business center hosting IWU’s courses.  It took two hours even though it was a lot of interstate.  There is a major bridge over the Ohio River that is, well, broken.  As such, it is, well, closed.  That means that every car that would normally cross said bridge is bottlenecked onto the other bridge.  I sat in traffic for a while.  Then I drove a good long way north.  The GPS had about five ways it wanted me to go that were not the way I was going, so it kept yelling at me.  The GPS is set to british accent.  She yelled at me in her pretty little british accent for about an hour.  I found myself talking back at her – in my own british accent.  Once I was on the farm road that led to my class my adventure really began.  I went through towns that fall in the “one horse” category.  At one point I pulled up to a random, middle-of-the-farm-land stop sign and half expected to see Mr. Tumnus dancing about a lamp post or Peter and the Lost Boys knocking on my window.  Nevernever Land exists.  And Narnia.  I found ’em.

Anyways, I was pretty nervous going into the class.  Nervous and excited.  The students were fun.  They really want to get their degrees.  As I got more comfortable and got going, things went from good to great.  Apparently the class was expecting to be bored out of their minds by this class.  If you have ever had a class with me, sat through one of my rehearsals, or had a conversation with me….well, you know boredom is not often a factor.  They learned a good deal, they laughed, they were moved.  I had a blast teaching them.  We covered the development of architecture, visual art, and music from the dawn of time to 1100AD. Ha!

I am so blessed to be teaching with Indiana Wesleyan.  How awesome to get paid to do what I love to do.

So grateful.

Professor Scott

So, new and improved me.  I have an improved job situation….compared to the last few months.  I am super excited to teach my first class with Indiana Wesleyan starting tomorrow night.

Super excited.  A little bit freaking out.

This is what preparing for a class looks like.

So blessed to work with my new students!

Headboard, Broken

Apparently some of our neighbors decided to get rid of their bed frame.

Seeing it on the side of the road raised several questions.

For instance.

Why is there a headboard leaning against that telephone pole?

What happened to that bed?

How did that hole get there?

We laughed.

We laughed a lot.

Dave had two thoughts.

“You can get rid of the headboard, but not the concussion!”


“Wouldn’t that be the worst pick up line ever – wanna help me break my headboard?”