Never in my life have I met dogs who could tell time.  These dogs can actually tell time.  Dinner time, according to the all-knowing puppies in my house, is 6:30.  If they are not fed on time I hear about it.  The complaints are heart-rending.  As though they have not actually been fed before in their lives.  Oh wait, they have never missed a meal!

So this is what I see at 6:31.















Dave arrived to feed them shortly after…  And this will be repeated everyday!


New Toy

Around here toys get destroyed.  Gunny has the time of his life in the destruction process, too!  On our walk this afternoon we found a new toy… and developed a game that was a cross between soccer and monkey in the middle with a flat-ish basketball…all while risking puppy’s teeth.

He could not have been happier!

Wedding shoes

I had the most beautiful wedding.  My dress was perfection.  Literally.  It was perfection.  I felt so beautiful.  And I was tall.  The gorgeous white super high heels made me extra tall.  Gorgeous.  

And then Gunny.

So yeah, not that I would be wearing them again, but now they are definitely trashed.

Sorta looks like a shark bit them.  We looked all over for the other half, but it was nowhere to be found.

Guessing Gunny’s stomach might be a little tender for the next day or so…

For Daddy

At 7:12 this evening I realized there was a dog food crisis in my house.  As in, there was not enough dog food for them to eat dinner AND breakfast in the morning.  Oops.  The store closes at 7:30.  The speed limit is 15.  I decided to go for it.

Of course the MPs were out tonight.  Behind every bush.  Lights sparkling blue as they pulled over cars.  Not mine.  I did not speed.  But I wanted to.  I only had a few minutes to get to the store.

I noticed some little sleepy animals in a field next to the street.

I walked into the store at 7:29.  Phew.  The dogs will not starve.  In case you are wondering, if it is 6:00, am or pm, they let us know.  They stand and stare at us as though playing the “no-blink” game until we get up and feed them.  They act like they have not eaten in forever.  Ha.  They have not missed a meal in their lives.

Back to those little sleepy animals.

There was a herd of deer.

Deer are pretty common around here.  The ONLY reason I notice them is because of my dad.  Growing up, Daddy would frequently point out the car window as we were speeding down the interstate and say “Look! A deer!!”.  We never, ever saw the ghost-animal he said was there.  Then when I was working in Dahlonega, Ga I started seeing a bunch of deer and I would call Dad to tell him about every single one – alive or not-so-alive.  It became such a long running joke that we still laugh about seeing deer five years later.

There are so many deer on post that I would be calling my dad multiple times a day if I still called to tell him about each one.  These guys were so cute though.  Two were laying in the middle of the soccer field.  They were still there when I came back from the store.  Pictures were necessary.

The nappers got up while I was sitting there.

And stretched like a puppy!

So, hey Daddy, I saw a deer!!!

Broccoli Thief

Danger is a veggie loving dog.  He got ahold of the broccoli stalk tonight.  And he munched on it under the dining room table.  And we laughed our heads off.  And we took pictures.  Then we took the stalk away.

He was less than pleased.


He was about two feet tall.  Had the most gorgeous ebony skin.  And the perfect thatch of curly hair on his head.

We were walking the dogs this evening.  It is the last nice weather day for a while…gonna be over a hundred degrees for the next several days.  You should hear the weather men.  They talk like it’s the end of the world.  “Heat reaching the CENTURY mark!”  “Hitting the TRIPLE digits!”  You’d think they’d never seen a summer before.

As we came up the hill heading home Dave said, “Whoa!”.  I looked up just in time to see a tennis-ball-sized bright green rubber ball whizzing down the hill past us.  It was moving so fast that we actually stood there for a minute to see where it would end up.  It did not end up anywhere.  It just kept on going.

When we crested the hill, still laughing about the green ball, we saw him.  He was standing in the middle of the street staring in our direction.  He saw us.  He put his little chubby hands on either side of his mouth and shouted, “HEY!”  “HEY! Did you caught my ball??”  We were too far to really answer him. So we kept walking without responding.  This did not deter him.  “HEY! HEY! Did yur dog caught my baaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll?????”

At this point I was close enough to see his face.  He was distraught!  So I raised my hands in the air and asked, “Was THAT your green ball?!?!  It was going sooooooo FAST!  We couldn’t catch it!”  Keep in mind that my gestures are as big as my voice as I’m talking to this excited little guy.  His face LIT. UP.  Biggest smile.  Cutest dimples.  He jumped up and down clapping his hands and said, “YES! It was MY ball!  It went fast!  It went thuper, thuper, THUPER FAST!!!!!”

Hope you have had a THUPER day!

Carry a Big Stick

There are huge trees in our yard.  They occasionally drop huge branches.  The dogs think they are the best toys ever.

It’s best when Dave plays too.

They take off!  Down the hill!

Nearly to the neighbor’s.

Then they drag the mega-sized dog toy back.  Hehe….they are quite the team!

Can you tell we’ve been watching the Olympic trials?  Go Team USA!!!

Quiet Computer Cuddle

Dave travels for work.  Yep, he is frequently off being a rock star.  He’s got a really cool job!

I am home with the dogs a lot.  My jobs require me to sit at my computer and work a good bit.  Plus we have adoption paperwork.  That also keeps me sitting at my computer.  So many afternoons can be described as a quiet computer cuddle.  I sit at my dining room table with my computer and this happens…

Such good foot warmers!  I love how Gunny smiles for the camera and Danger barely raises his head.

Hope you have some quiet cuddles today!