We got a wonderful Christmas present from my parents.  It might seem sort of “everyday” to you, but you will understand once I tell you a little about the back story.

When I was in college, like 10 years ago.  I’m getting old.  Anyway, when I was in college I had my own dorm room for three of my four years.  It was wonderful.  Not great for my social life.  Who cares about that anyway?  By the way, I went to Baylor University.  Home of Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III.  They happen to be playing in the Alamo Bowl right now.  Sic’em!  Okay, so back to my private dorm room in college.  I was not allowed to have any cooking elements.  Hope there is a statute of limitations for that rule, since I’m about to make a confession.  I had a microwave.  It made my rebellion against all things Dining Hall possible.  It was “stored” (read hidden) on the floor of my closet with a cover made from a pillow sham.  Creativity rules.  I’m sure it was my mom’s creation.  That microwave was so great.  I could make my oatmeal (have I mentioned how much I hate oatmeal?).  I could reheat leftovers….including the baked garlic and lemon salmon that I would cook once per week – gourmet.  All round a useful tool.

Since graduation in 2005 every place I have lived has had a microwave installed.  Literally I have not even thought twice about the ability to warm/reheat/steam in almost 7 years. Then we moved to our charming little rental.  I love this little house.  It makes me happy.  When we realized we needed a microwave I went scavenging through my parents’ basement storage unit.  That is a stretch.  I knew my dorm microwave was down there.  And technically that is an organized and easily searched shelving area.  I was not scavenging.  I walked down there, picked up the microwave, and walked back out to my car.  Simple.  So my dorm room contraband found its way back into my life.

It was a slow realization.  The broccoli took 12 minutes to steam.  The soup was warm on the edge, frosty in the middle.  The only bowl that would fit easily in the oven was a ramiken.  Larger bowls would clink clink clink against the inside walls.  It was quicker to use the teapot to heat a mug of water for tea than it was to just pop it in the microwave.  I came to a conclusion.  Have you ever had to warm up your hands by breathing warm air on them?  Or maybe tried to fog up a window to write a secret message?  The temperature of your breath.  That was the temperature of the heat the little old microwave.  Sad.

So our predicament was one of a too small no heat microwave.  Poor adorable little thing.  We left it there on the countertop and used the teapot to heat water and the stovetop to cook food.  Until I reached for a pan in mom’s kitchen to heat up some frozen plantains.  She laughed at me and told me to use the microwave.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  Not using the microwave was normal for me.  I described the heating ability and capacity of our little microwave.  She laughed.  It became quite the joke.

Our Christmas present was a huge box.  Yep.  A brand shiny new microwave.  Dave likes that it “goes” with the espresso machine that lives next to it.  I like that it is huge.  I used it for not one, but TWO meals today.  Far fewer pots to clean in my kitchen sink.  (Wonder if Dave is gonna get to those?)  I am so happy to be getting to use this new contraption with more buttons than “start” “stop” and “minutes”.  It has buttons that do things I’m not aware of.  It even “senses” the steam level in the compartment and let’s me know when it is heated.  Wow.  Fancy.

So tonight I am a happy chef and a happy Baylor Bear.




My camera has pretty much been in its case for the last few weeks.  Mom’s camera has been in use daily.  She has gotten a few fun shots of what I have been up to.

It is sort of like Michaelangelo’s “Slaves”.  Those half-discovered bodies breaking themselves out of granite slabs.  They are striking.  They are beautiful.  I am not working with granite…something less striking, slightly softer.  A lot softer.  Yellow yarn.

I know there is a giraffe in there somewhere.


I am having a blast this week!  Chelsea wanted to learn to crochet, so for her Christmas present, I am teaching her…and in the process, I am making a toy!  It is a giraffe.  It is cute.  Well, it is in pieces, so I do not know exactly how cute it is.  I think it is gonna be super cute when I finish it.


I love my sister!

Issues of Marriage

Today we had a road trip.  We drove from home to home.  It happens.  Only one truly notable thing happened.  We had a conflict.  Does not happen often.  Wanna know what our major issue was?


I wanted to listen to any number of the myriad CDs I keep in my car.  He wanted to listen to talk radio.

Talk radio makes me want to sleep… or jump out the window… or scream “lalala!!” with my fingers in my ears.  Apparently my CDs have a remarkably similar effect on him.

Luckily we both made it here safely.  And luckily we will have two cars to drive back.

Music to my ears…

Two pictures

Gunny’s two favorite things in the world here at my parents’ house are Tori and Lily.  They don’t like him much.  They are three pounds each.  He is thirty pounds and has the energy of a crazy puppy.  This morning he was in mom’s room and could see Tori and Lily through the fireplace.

Then when I let the big dogs out of the bedroom, they were actually kinda sweet with the littles.  Danger even cuddled with Lily.

Wishing Dave was here….he would love this!  So proud of my man at training!


So today.  How to start this?  Today.  We have dogs.  Dave is at training.  Thus I have dogs.  Oh my goodness dogs.

I adore Danger and Gunny.  They are the smartest, sweetest dogs on the planet.  I even love them when Danger gives me attitude and Gunny “explores” furniture with his teeth.  Today though.  Oh my goodness the dogs today.

It rained for twenty four hours.  It got cold after the front moved through.  The dogs had to go to the bathroom.  One of the many conveniences about staying with my parents is the fenced in area out the basement door.  I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom while I got dressed.  When I called them to come in I was prepared with a towel to wipe off their feet that I was sure would be wet.  I was not prepared for the dirtballs that came running to the door.  They were both covered in mud and leaves.  Covered.  Slimy.  Happy.  Gross.

Knowing there were two dog baths in my future, I took the dogs on a long walk.  Long.  Like one and a half miles.  Not long for a run, but pretty long for a walk with two active pups attached to my arm.  They had so much fun.  They were so happy.  They were so filthy!!

I love my adorable, exhausted, CLEAN dogs!

Long time…

Hmmm….it has been a while.  Gotta get back to my blog!  Wanna see what we did over Thanksgiving weekend?  












I have a fabulous photographer!!  Love my momma….and my sweetheart!

In the Club

It is Saturday.  It was set to be a pretty calm and quiet Saturday.  Dave had a parade gig this morning and then he was going mountain biking with friends.  Busy Dave days leave me open to doing anything I feel like doing.  Interestingly, the last several months have been chock full of busy Dave days that left me open to do anything I felt like doing.

I’m getting better at it.  At first I would just sit, stare, and relax.  Now I make good use of these days, mostly.

Today I got up and made a semi-delicious cup of coffee.  Truly delicious cups of coffee are only made by my sweetheart barista.  Then I watched an episode of a rather stupid television show.  Minor waste of time.  Then I did some fabulous reading.  I love to read.  The sun was streaming through the blinds.  In that pattern that creates strange levels of distraction by alternating shadows and light stripes.  Worship music was playing on my stereo.  It was a seriously peaceful and encouraging environment.

It gets better and lest you think this is just a run down of my day, well, it was a particularly interesting day.

I did yoga.  Had to set up two space heaters in my yoga studio to make it comfortable enough to do all that stretching.  Gotta be a funny picture.  Definitely a rigged set up.  After I finished my practice and got all cleaned up, I chilled over a half ham sandwich.

Then I got the phone call.

Dave’s mountain biking trip had not gone as planned.  One of his buddies had fallen and Dave was taking him to the emergency room.  Mountain biking is better than road biking, according to Dave, because the trees don’t move like cars do.  I think this is an extremely good point.  It does not help when one goes slipping on the fresh fall leaves covering the trail.  He hit his head, but hopped up and jumped back on his bike like he was fine.  About ten minutes later he asked Dave if he had fallen.  Dave put him straight in the truck and headed for the hospital, calling all important parties, like for instance, wives.  His wife couldn’t find a babysitter, so I volunteered to hang with the little ones while she went to pick up the injured biker.  He ended up with just a concussion.  So grateful he is okay!  I got to play with four super kids for the afternoon.  They were full of laughter and creativity.  The older girls rode bikes and played outside until the sun went down.  The five year old was particularly into me.  She sang me songs, showed me dances, gave me tours, and decorated me with her stamp collection.

It’s like I went to a hip night club….with a low age limit and a dinosaur stamp at the door!