Election Day 2012

What a privilege to be an American!


Anticipating long voting lines, we  woke at 4:30am to go to our polling location.  I woke in a fantastically energetic frame of mind.  It was very dark when we left the house.  We live in Hardin County.  Our cars are registered in Hardin County.  Our driver’s licenses say Hardin County.  For whatever reason, we were assigned to vote in Meade County – the next county over.  We had never been to the area of the map my smartphone was sending us to.  We set out and soon discovered ourselves in hilariously unfamiliar territory.  I giggled when we turned onto Rabbit Run.  It was paved and still two lanes wide.  Then we merged onto Turkey Ridge.  Seriously??  Turkey Ridge?  It was still paved, but it cannot be described as two lanes.  There were farms out there and that’s about it!

There were a bunch of cars in the parking lot when we arrived.  They must have been poll workers.  We went inside and we were first in line!

There was a two minute alert and then a thirty second countdown.  We were waved in and placed our votes!

I am so proud to be the wife of an American Soldier – the ranks that protect my right to live in a free democracy.

I am so proud to be an American!

Lord Jesus, have mercy.


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