The Motivation of Avoidance

My intention this morning was to get a couple of chores done and then sit down to write.  I have a good deal of writing to do in preparation for a new project.  Writing typically requires crazy inspiration or dogged determination.  My realization this morning was that this was going to be a dogged determination kind of day.  I was going to sit down and start typing and see what I ended up with.

So I got up and sipped my coffee while catching up on the goings on in the social media world.  This is pretty typical.  Then I got started with my day.  Pot roast and veggies got started in the crock pot.  Pumpkin bread (no nuts) was mixed, baked, and tasted…hey, I’m being honest!  The kitchen was cleaned, twice.  The dishwasher emptied, loaded, and run again.  Every surface in my house required un-dusting.  My inner Amelia Bedelia grabbed a handy rag and furniture polish to fix that problem.  The floors were swept, vacuumed, and mopped.  All three are required in our house or else the dust bunnies grow so large you risk tripping over them, or being attacked in your sleep.  A friend needed me to remember the names of churches I recommended to her.  Internet research accomplished that…oh, and we caught up via text message.  I’m super proud of her.  Laundry was piling up in three different locations in my tiny house.  A remarkable achievement if I do say so myself.  That laundry is now clean and folded – even the cold-wash-hang-to-dry-delicates.  The glass shelves and mirrors got a good washing.  Even the Waterford got wiped.  Three chicken breasts were grilled for lunches for the rest of the week.

It smells so delicious and clean in my house.  It is doubtful that I have ever been so completely motivated to get things done around the house.  Like, don’t even stop to eat motivated.  Like, turn on the internet radio and keep moving motivated.  Like, I really needed to write!

Now as I sit here curled on the couch with a freshly laundered blanket eating my yummy chicken and spaghetti squash au gratin, I anticipate a long evening of writing.  Thankfully Dave will be practicing.  So my soundtrack this evening will be J.S. Bach Violin Partitas on marimba.  Pretty awesome way to write.  If I can just manage to sit down and start typing…


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