Coyotes and Bow Holds

I have this amazing five year old student.  She has red hair.  She is about 17 inches tall.  Okay, so she’s normal five year old height.  But she just seems like a tiny pixie of a person.  She frequently avoids talking in complete sentences.  We are working on using our “big girl voices” in lessons.  But seriously, she is so darn cute!

Last week, she had a story to tell that she thought was the most hilarious thing ever.  She had all the words she needed to tell the story!

She was riding in the back seat of her family car with her two brothers.  Apparently the subject of hobos had come up and one of the boys happened to see a person he thought to be a hobo on the side of the road.  Little sister did not see the traveler.

When the brothers said “Look!  There’s a hobo!”

Little sister screamed from the back seat:  “LET’S KILL HIM!!!”

You see, she thought hobos were coyotes. She was scared.

During this same lesson where my little student was feeling so talkative, she decided the hand shape for her bow hold looked like the “rock on” hand symbol.  So each time we practiced her bow hold she would whisper….”ROCK ON!”

I love my job.


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