Adventures in Adoption Fundraising: Beware of the Me-Monster

Lest you think I came up with this gem of a term, you ought to familiarize yourself with the comedy of Brian Regan.  The bits of his comedy that I have heard are fairly clean and extremely funny.  My sister, Belle, gets all the credit for introducing me to this concept that reared its ugly, if comical, head at the fundraiser.

We had a sign out front letting visitors know that this sale was an adoption fundraiser.  Most people did not notice it.  We talked about it though.  We talked about adoption to every person we could get to.  I would say we talked about adoption with everyone, but there were a few power-walker-garage-sale-ers and they were in and out before we saw the cloud of dust they kicked up!

It was so fun to tell folks that Dave and I are adopting.  It was fun to talk about China and babies and special needs and fundraising.  Adoption stories, it seems, bring out the Me-Monster in everyone.

I mentioned we were hoping to adopt two babies.  Garage Sale Shopper Lady told me  me her cousin who adopted seven babies.

I mentioned we were adopting a baby that might have some special medical needs.  Mrs. That Coach Purse Is Worth $2 told me about her neighbor who adopted a baby with severe learning disabilities.

Do I do this?  Well, it is official that I do….and sad that sometimes I just cannot resist.  Yesterday while at school one of the young teachers mentioned how difficult it was to read Screwtape Letters in 8th grade.  I tried to bite my tongue.  It just came out.  I read Screwtape in 4th grade.  Of course I did.  And of course I just had to say it.  How I long to be the kind of person who can hear a story compassionately and empathize with the importance the teller feels!

So we learn new faith lessons in this fundraising process.  We learn how to behave from some.  We learn how not to behave from others.  Part of being human is a desperate need to be seen.  To be noticed.  We are all similarly desperate.  Praise the Lord He sees us.  He values us.  We can find our value in Him and in turn reach out to a hurting world and share His love.

We are adopting a baby.  In the process, there are people for us to bless.  There are people for us to love.


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