Adventures in Adoption Fundraising: God’s Faithfulness

This is a story with many chapters.  Rather than starting at the beginning, I am going to jump in at a middle-ish point and eventually get back around to the beginning a good while before we ever get to the end.

We have wonderfully supportive parents.  We are so blessed!

Our road to adoption began with Africa.  The Lord closed some doors and told us to wait on Him.  Then when He opened the possibility to adopt from China, we were THRILLED!  Both times, as we have ventured into the adoption world, my mom has surprised us with her thoughtfulness and resourcefulness.  Last weekend mom and dad hosted a huge garage sale fundraiser for us.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to go down to Atlanta for it…and I am so glad I did!  Oh, the stories I will tell!

The first story is of God’s faithfulness though.  That seems like a perfect place to start for this adventure that is so completely based in what the Lord has called us to do!

How much money can you possibly raise at a garage sale?  Seriously, how do you even begin to plan for it?  As it turns out, we all had our guesses for the amount and we were all excited to see what God would do – and prepared to be exceedingly grateful for any amount.

Dave and I : $100

Momma : $250

Daddy : $300

Belle : $400 (I remember loving my sister’s optimism when the sale started!)

Dave and I are at a point in our process that is about to require dollars.  We didn’t tell my family, but to take the next big step we needed $900.  Of course I never expected to make that kind of money at the fundraiser.

But GOD…

HE stepped in and SHOWED OFF!

He said to our hearts “allow ME”.

When it was all said and done, and believe me, there are many blog posts coming to tell you about what happened in the all said and done process, but when it was all said and done….

I deposited $1,932.23 into the adoption account.

Besides bringing tears of joy and gratitude to my eyes, those dollars mean that we can not only finish the next step in our adoption – we can get to the point of being ready to mail our paperwork to China!

Some friends and family have been confused about where in the world we will get the money to adopt our firstborn from China.  I keep telling them – when God calls us to do something and we step out in obedience and faith, He provides for every need!

Does this mean we don’t work for it?  No.  I have taken on extra jobs.

Does this mean we don’t need to ask for help from our community?  No.  And we are blessed as they step up in support.

This means we have front row seats to watch what GOD is going to do.

This means we have the opportunity to grow our faith.

This means we will get to TELL THE WORLD……our GOD is faithful to complete the work HE began!

Tune in tomorrow for a story involving Tibetan Lamb, a high-dollar custom fireman helmet, and a former pageant king!


One thought on “Adventures in Adoption Fundraising: God’s Faithfulness

  1. i would compose a creative & witty comment but it doesn’t really get any better than King David in Psalm 145 verses 1- 3:

    I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever.
    Every day I will bless you land praise your name forever and ever.
    Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.

    we are so blessed God is allowing us to be a part of this amazing adventure!!

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