The perfection of discipline….the discipline of perfection.

When I was in highschool I was that kid who did exactly what she was supposed to do.  I was passionately chasing after the Lord’s will for my life and the very musical paths it would take me on.  I practiced my viola for three hours.  Every day.  Every. Single. Day.  It made a difference.  That kind of dedicated practice turned me into a professional musician, a career I knew I was called to from an early age. (side note: Do NOT attempt a career in music if it is not what the Lord has absolutely called you to.  DO find His will for your life.  The adventure is so worth it!)

The bar is set now.  For the rest of my life it is likely that I will measure my disciplinary success by the yard stick of my highschool viola practice.  Here is the problem with that: I have a life now.  I have jobs and a husband and dogs and housekeeping and cooking.  There is grocery shopping to be done, darling friends to connect with, and television series that absolutely require my attention (can I get an amen for Downton Abbey?!?!).  When I was in highschool I lived like a highschooler.  I obeyed my parents, ate the food momma bought and cooked, slept in the bed that I (barely) managed to get made in the morning….and I practiced.  My whole life revolved around viola for that season of my life.  Now I am grown, I must put aside highschoolish things…hmmmm…..my inner Paul appears to be surfacing.

So what does discipline look like now?  In real grown up life?  How do discipline and grace intersect?  Join me for this journey of discovery.  This is not a step by step commitment to add certain things to my daily routine.  Tried that.  Doesn’t work.  Rather, I am choosing to pursue the plan that the LORD has for my life.  My REAL life.  With all of the mess and hours of driving and schedule changes.

For starters, welcome to my blog – untouched since the 2012 Olympics.

Picture for fun….


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