For Daddy

At 7:12 this evening I realized there was a dog food crisis in my house.  As in, there was not enough dog food for them to eat dinner AND breakfast in the morning.  Oops.  The store closes at 7:30.  The speed limit is 15.  I decided to go for it.

Of course the MPs were out tonight.  Behind every bush.  Lights sparkling blue as they pulled over cars.  Not mine.  I did not speed.  But I wanted to.  I only had a few minutes to get to the store.

I noticed some little sleepy animals in a field next to the street.

I walked into the store at 7:29.  Phew.  The dogs will not starve.  In case you are wondering, if it is 6:00, am or pm, they let us know.  They stand and stare at us as though playing the “no-blink” game until we get up and feed them.  They act like they have not eaten in forever.  Ha.  They have not missed a meal in their lives.

Back to those little sleepy animals.

There was a herd of deer.

Deer are pretty common around here.  The ONLY reason I notice them is because of my dad.  Growing up, Daddy would frequently point out the car window as we were speeding down the interstate and say “Look! A deer!!”.  We never, ever saw the ghost-animal he said was there.  Then when I was working in Dahlonega, Ga I started seeing a bunch of deer and I would call Dad to tell him about every single one – alive or not-so-alive.  It became such a long running joke that we still laugh about seeing deer five years later.

There are so many deer on post that I would be calling my dad multiple times a day if I still called to tell him about each one.  These guys were so cute though.  Two were laying in the middle of the soccer field.  They were still there when I came back from the store.  Pictures were necessary.

The nappers got up while I was sitting there.

And stretched like a puppy!

So, hey Daddy, I saw a deer!!!


2 thoughts on “For Daddy

  1. Oh Dear,
    Great pictures of the Deer!!
    Just be glad there wasn’t a Camel!!
    Great memories, thank you sweetie….
    Love you


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