I like car movies.  The faster the cars, the better.  That really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  Except I was driving today.  All day. And Fast and Furious is on TV right now.  I’m a Vin fan.  Anyway.  Driving.  All day.

I listened to the radio a whole bunch as I drove.  There was so much to learn!

Last night, the fireworks display in San Diego was supposed to be the biggest and best in the nation.  It wasn’t.  It was supposed to last twenty minutes.  It didn’t.  Something went terribly wrong and all the explosives went off at the same time.  It lasted sixteen seconds.  Pretty freaking amazing.

**colder weather…..**

The Dow Jones futures were up thirty points before the opening bell.

A car had hit a tree in Cobb County.  According to the traffic announcer, the tree hit back.  (Pahahaha!!)


The ship crew that helped film Titanic helped to find the bodies of two pilots shot down in the Mediterranean.

There is a massive effort in Kenya to stop the spread of AIDS.  Doctors and community organizers are attempting to get a million men to be circumcised by the end of the year.  Apparently the surgery decreases the chance of contracting the infection by sixty percent.  400,000 men have already had what has been termed “the cut”.

**Georgia peaches…..**

The physics of traffic at a stop light that turns green is called a wave of rarefaction.  As the first row of cars moves, then the second row, then the third row, a wave motion can be seen moving backward from the light.  It is the same type of wave that astrophysicists study in collapsing stars.

The Dow Jones closed down 47 points.

Time to unplug!!


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