Pretty Stinkin’ Funny

Dear Mechanic Shop Employee,

Today as I was in the shop to deal with noisy tires, I was exposed to some pretty awesome customer service.

Tire guys looked at my tires.  Service Manager Dave took my car for a spin.  Yeah, he’s your boss.  He pealed out in my SUV.  Did not know that was possible.  Will not be replicating the scenario.

Customer service was so excellent.  Rep Jordan took time to explain what “feathering” is to a complete neophyte.  “Feathering” is not so good, in case you did not know that.

There was even a geriatric mechanic who managed to walk past me three times – smiling.  The last time, he asked why I was standing in the garage.  When I told him I was the decoration for the afternoon he laughed out loud.

Seriously, it was a wonderful experience.  I was literally smiling as I hopped into the driver seat of my car to head off to the next tire shop on my list.  I settled in and I took a big relaxed breath.

You had farted in my car.

The End.



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