He was about two feet tall.  Had the most gorgeous ebony skin.  And the perfect thatch of curly hair on his head.

We were walking the dogs this evening.  It is the last nice weather day for a while…gonna be over a hundred degrees for the next several days.  You should hear the weather men.  They talk like it’s the end of the world.  “Heat reaching the CENTURY mark!”  “Hitting the TRIPLE digits!”  You’d think they’d never seen a summer before.

As we came up the hill heading home Dave said, “Whoa!”.  I looked up just in time to see a tennis-ball-sized bright green rubber ball whizzing down the hill past us.  It was moving so fast that we actually stood there for a minute to see where it would end up.  It did not end up anywhere.  It just kept on going.

When we crested the hill, still laughing about the green ball, we saw him.  He was standing in the middle of the street staring in our direction.  He saw us.  He put his little chubby hands on either side of his mouth and shouted, “HEY!”  “HEY! Did you caught my ball??”  We were too far to really answer him. So we kept walking without responding.  This did not deter him.  “HEY! HEY! Did yur dog caught my baaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll?????”

At this point I was close enough to see his face.  He was distraught!  So I raised my hands in the air and asked, “Was THAT your green ball?!?!  It was going sooooooo FAST!  We couldn’t catch it!”  Keep in mind that my gestures are as big as my voice as I’m talking to this excited little guy.  His face LIT. UP.  Biggest smile.  Cutest dimples.  He jumped up and down clapping his hands and said, “YES! It was MY ball!  It went fast!  It went thuper, thuper, THUPER FAST!!!!!”

Hope you have had a THUPER day!


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