Broccoli for Breakfast

Some of my most interesting experiment ideas come from books I read.  Last week, I read a book by Chris McDougall called Born to Run.  Great book.  A touch over-political in places.  But altogether a great read.  And so interesting.  At some point in the book, vegetarians were discussing what they eat for breakfast.  Tofu scramble?  Tempeh french toast?  Salad.  Salad??  I was intrigued.

Veggies are so yummy!  They are a fave in our diet, but unfortunately for the cosmic veggie-eating-point-keeper, I simply do not consume enough.  Like, 2-3 servings a day.  Pathetic, I know.  This salad for breakfast idea, though, now that could solve my problem.  One nice-sized, multi-nutrient-rich ingredient bowl could make up the difference in my daily intake.

Went to the local buy-in-bulk store and got a load of leafy greens and other colorful garden dwellers.  Now we were committed.  If we back down on our salad for breakfast idea, we are going to have gross, wilted veggies in the fridge.  Motivation enough for me.  Thankfully Dave is on board with the experiment.

Today is Day 3.  So far, loving it!  A few garbanzo beans and walnuts for texture and protein.  A little organic raspberry vinaigrette.



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