China Here We Come!

It is official!  We are going to be parents!!


After being a part of the adoption world for three years through some of my favorite blogs and enduring friendships with families who have adopted, the Lord has finally ordained the timing for us to actively pursue adopting our first baby.  We are going to China with Lifeline Adoption … after we finish a long paperwork process.  I think I have already written my name and address thirty times!

While I have been passionate about adoption for a long time, I know many of my friends and family members may have questions about what we are doing.  I hope you will ask!  I would be happy to answer questions as they come up.  There will be many new experiences and things I will learn.  I’m excited to share some of those things with you!  That being said, this is not going to become an “adoption blog”.  I will occasionally post an update on our process, but this blog is primarily going to continue to be full of my random nonsense.  It’s fun to write!

Details that I can share so far…


We had about $3000 dollars in our adoption fund from the fundraiser we held a few years ago and that has officially been used up to start our process.  We are 100% confident in the Lord’s ability to fund this adoption either through donations and grants or through extra work coming my way.  We are stepping forward in the process knowing that we will face expenses one at a time.  How much, you ask?  Well, we will be raising/earning about $25,000 more.  So exciting to know that we will have a beautiful testimony of the Lord’s provision to bring home with us along with our new baby!

Timeline!  If the Lord provides the funding quickly, we could have pictures of our baby by Christmas.  There are undoubtedly going to be hitches and glitches as we go, but we are relaxed and willing for everything to happen in the Lord’s timing.  Of course, when things are in my hands….I’ll be working overtime to get them done!

Home study!  We had our first meeting for our home study today.  I LOVE our agency!  Our rep is fantastic and I am clear that they will support us and pray for us through this whole process.  There will be four more meetings with a social worker and tons of paperwork to complete the study.  It is just so cool to actually be started!

Can’t wait to update you as we go!


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