Things that are bringing me joy today…

Gunny’s incredible freak outs each time he sees a dog on the TV….he barks and growls and gets all his toys and tries to get in my lap.

The Army hospital at 7am.  So calm.  So quiet.  So few germy people.

Boomama’s post about the Bachelorette.  I’m totally not into it this year, but her blow-by-blow cracks me up!

A beautifully made bed…..after a really nice nap.

Waking up to a shiny sink – didn’t happen this morning, but hey, the thought still makes me smile.

My soldier’s voice.  He was worried I would fall back asleep after my 5:45am wake up call….imagine that.

A sleepy dog keeping my feet warm….that way he can go to sleep but still know if I move.

Texts from my sister about birds….or our mom….or her students….or pinterest…..texts from my sister about anything.

4,000 years of cultural history that I will be teaching in less than four hours tonight.

Oh, and these.

Happy Tuesday!!


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