The dogs needed some exercise.  If I run a mile with one of them, then I have to run a mile with the other.  So my cute little twinkle toes trotted two miles.  There is this cool resource in our cable package that has different yoga workouts available at the push of a button.  My abs got a solid workout.  The trainer had an affinity for minute-long posture holds.  Tough.  The pool on post is fifty meters.  The first olympic length pool I have had the privilege of lapping.  Twelve hundred meters is three quarters of a mile.  My face was red when I surfaced for air at the end.  Swimming is great cardiovascular exercise.

It has been years, like eight years, since I have been able to exercise like this.  All in one day.  Back to back.  Grateful barely begins to describe how I feel about Dave’s job and the benefits we receive.  I’m healthy and I’m feeling….



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