It is possible that there is a good part to living in a tiny town.

A silver lining, if you will.

Today Dave discovered that he needed to renew his car registration and his driver’s license before he turns “old” later this month.  Seriously, I mentioned the age he is approaching the other day and his eyes got big as his face paled…maybe this is the age you actually turn “old”!  He got off work early to take care of these little details.  Yay for a job that does that.

In Atlanta, if you wanted to accomplish these two chores in one day you would need to plan on a couple of hours of driving, long lines, exasperated public employees, and a bunch of sudoku puzzles or angry birds.  The office in Hardin County was scheduled to close at 4pm.

We left our house at 3pm.

We went to the DMV 20 minutes away (due to the speed limits more than anything else!) and saw the kindest lady who very quickly transferred Dave to Kentucky-driver status.  Did I mention a line?  Nope.  There wasn’t one.  There was atrocious blue textured wall paper, but that’s another matter.  We spent 10 minutes in her office.  So at 3:35 we walked NEXT DOOR to the clerk’s office to renew his registration.  There were three lovely ladies behind the counter.  Once again, no line. There were not even any other patrons!  5 minutes.  We were done.

I am now married to the most attractive Kentuckian in the state!


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