Spinach and Cinnamon

Two different recipes have come across my screen today.  The contrast between them has me kinda entertained.  On a day that has been effective but less than exciting, this is as good as it gets.

THE GREEN MACHINE is a smoothie that contains life-enhancing ingredients like spinach and pineapple.  I think it actually sounds delicious and might be something I would try.  Seems like a great way to feel instantly healthier.

Then there is this – Coffee Cake in a Cup Ready in 2 Minutes – If all the ingredients were in my house right now, I would have made this tonight.  Well, it’s not on diet at all.  So I probably would have waited until Saturday….which gives me plenty of time to “by chance” have all the ingredients in my pantry.  This could be good.

Here’s to eating well … and eating really yummy food!!!


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