Contemplation Interruption

Today, dear readers, I have been contemplating the concept of calling.

What does Scripture have to say?

How do I know my calling?

How do I know I’m on the right path?

I had planned to share my thoughts with you.  I was feeling encouraged to have the energy to even be thinking all the way through this….to be able to keep my train of thought long enough to come to some sort of conclusions.

Then this happened and I knew my thoughtful post would have to wait for tomorrow.

As an intelligent and creative human being, I am sure you can come up with any number of scenarios that would have created this scene.  But do not blame my crazy dogs.

No, this one is all on me.

I’ve been exercising.  Clearly I am not as strong as Dave though.  I have seen him do this “move” a thousand times.  Okay.  A hundred.  Danger eats “lite” food with a little bit of the regular, tasty stuff mixed in while Gunny eats all the regular, tasty stuff.  So when it is time to buy new food we have to mix some of Gunny’s food into the fifteen pounds of “lite” food in the big plastic container – that thing is super convenient.

I’ve seen it done.

Pour “lite”, then add a little layer of regular, pour a bunch more “lite”, then the tiniest bit of regular…so on and so forth until the “lite” is gone….then stir.  How do you stir?  Well, Dave picks up the bucket and gives it a good shake.

(See where this is going???)

I picked it up and clumsily did some sort of hula-hoop move hoping that the full body motion would adequately combine the ingredients.  That did not work so well, despite the fact that you might be giggling at the mental picture.  The next attempt involved laying the closed and sealed container on its side and sliding it back in forth, rolling it over and over, and POOF!  Dog food explosion.

Apparently “sealed” was an exaggeration.

My dogs both very sweetly offered to help clean up.  I had to ask them to please go into the bedroom.

Not true.

I was screaming and jumping around and crushing little bits of dog food into dog food powder under my bare feet and grabbing dog collars and shoving two forty pound dogs down the hallway when they were fully convinced that the happy accident was meant to solve the starvation they were suffering from….yes, they ate a full meal this morning.

After taking a deep breath and a couple of pictures, I used the dust pan and resolved the incredible and smelly mess.  Danger and Gunny went after any tiny particles left on the floor when I let them out.

The floor is clean.

My blog is written.

Dogs are fed.

It is time for Dave to come home.


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