Introducing Gunny Smurf!

Puppies are interesting to have around.  I love my dogs.  They are funny and warm and cuddly and … well, a lot.  We have been working with Gunny to be able to leave him out with Danger in the house when we leave.  It has been touch and go.  He does pretty well.  Paper seems to really tempt him.  So when we leave we pick up or cover anything we think he might want to chew.  This morning I left the cable bill out as a test.  Don’t worry, already paid it.  I was going to the grocery store.  Wouldn’t be gone too long.  I picked up everything else that he might get.  I thought.

Dave got home before me.  Thank you Jesus.  Gunny had found my favorite blue pen.  He tore it into tiny little pieces.  How does that happen?!?!  How does a pen end up in shreds?!?!  A serious pen too.  Not the kind I used to chew the ends when I was writing and thinking.  This pen had a cap.  A serious pen.  In bits.

What happened, you might ask, to the blue ink that would have presumptively been in this serious blue favorite pen of mine?  Well.  A few drips got on the carpet under the dining room table.  Dave took care of that…the stain isn’t gone, but it’s not like an entire colony of smurfs vomited on the carpet.  Just a few drips.  No big deal.  Oh wait.  There was the whole element of the puppy who tore the pen to shreds.  The smurfs vomited all over him.  He went through the whole smurf clan induction ceremony.

Introducing Gunny Smurf!

Needless to say this drama was a little exciting.  He needed a bath.  His footsteps were blue.  He needed a good washing.  Dave had to go back to work, so bathing Gunny Smurf fell to me.  Yay!  Lest you think that scrubbing his blue areas, formerly white, with shampoo would get rid of the blue…  It didn’t.  Scrubbing blue became lighter blue.  Scrubbing blue with shampoo four separate times, a touch lighter.  Lest you think Gunny Smurf was washed down the drain…

…he’s gonna be around a while.

Oh and the cable bill?  Confetti.


One thought on “Introducing Gunny Smurf!

  1. OK, that is sooooo funny…. could have been a very stressful incident.. proud of you both for taking it in stride.

    Yet another memory maker…

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