The ‘Possum and The Flake

Tonight’s two hour drive home was relatively uneventful, with precisely two exceptions.

I saw an opossum on the side of the road.  Not abnormal.  Except that it was ALIVE.  At least for the time being the little critter was kickin’ it roadside in the pitch black night.  Nasty looking dude!

I saw snowflakes.  Not abnormal.  It is February in Kentucky.  But I came to a realization tonight.  There are different types of snowflakes and I have a favorite kind.  I like the lazy flakes.  The ones that are in no hurry to reach the ground.  They dance and sway and swirl as they make there way to their destination.  They look like so many bits of fairy dust sparkling about.  I smiled.

I’m home now.  Time for sleep.


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