Superlative Success

First class at Indiana Wesleyan is in the history books.  It was a fantastic evening with delightful students.  I drove 100 miles from my home to the business center hosting IWU’s courses.  It took two hours even though it was a lot of interstate.  There is a major bridge over the Ohio River that is, well, broken.  As such, it is, well, closed.  That means that every car that would normally cross said bridge is bottlenecked onto the other bridge.  I sat in traffic for a while.  Then I drove a good long way north.  The GPS had about five ways it wanted me to go that were not the way I was going, so it kept yelling at me.  The GPS is set to british accent.  She yelled at me in her pretty little british accent for about an hour.  I found myself talking back at her – in my own british accent.  Once I was on the farm road that led to my class my adventure really began.  I went through towns that fall in the “one horse” category.  At one point I pulled up to a random, middle-of-the-farm-land stop sign and half expected to see Mr. Tumnus dancing about a lamp post or Peter and the Lost Boys knocking on my window.  Nevernever Land exists.  And Narnia.  I found ’em.

Anyways, I was pretty nervous going into the class.  Nervous and excited.  The students were fun.  They really want to get their degrees.  As I got more comfortable and got going, things went from good to great.  Apparently the class was expecting to be bored out of their minds by this class.  If you have ever had a class with me, sat through one of my rehearsals, or had a conversation with me….well, you know boredom is not often a factor.  They learned a good deal, they laughed, they were moved.  I had a blast teaching them.  We covered the development of architecture, visual art, and music from the dawn of time to 1100AD. Ha!

I am so blessed to be teaching with Indiana Wesleyan.  How awesome to get paid to do what I love to do.

So grateful.


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