I was not going to blog tonight because I had absolutely nothing of worth to blog about.  And then…

Back story.  Dave has spent most of this holiday weekend transcribing drum set parts to play with rock band.  He is phenomenally talented and dramatically focused.  Transcribing involves listening to tunes repeatedly and putting down on paper, in his own code, exactly which drum to hit at what time.  My favorite part is when he mimes playing the drumset.  Headphones in place, he becomes the rockstar and rocks out on the air drums.  I love it.

Well, Gunny does not love it.  Gunny was happily napping at Dave’s feet while Dave was working.  Then the bass drum and high hat needed to be played, so Dave’s feet started pounding away.  *dragon noises*  The feet stopped moving.  Another measure needed “playing” and the toe tapping began again.  *growling dragon gets up and give the evil eye*  The air drums disappear again.  Then the whole tune needed a play through.  *dragon-puppy eyes activity carefully*  Dave’s air drum set came to life… arms and legs were in full swing….*growl, run across the room, jump on Dave*  The headphoned, fully-focused Dave never saw it coming…

Hilarious-ness ensued.


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