One of the thoughts

Pensive.  Thoughtful.  Concerned.  Nervous.  Curious.  Grateful.

Sometimes it is kinda busy up here in my mind.  So many things to think about.  On top of my normal overthinking of everything in my life, I was recently made aware of the depth to which modern day slavery impacts this world.  27 million human slaves being abused right now.  I do not own a slave.  I do not have any sort of personal interaction with slaves whereby I might set them free.  But I do use things that are made by slaves.  I didn’t know it.  Goodness, if I had known, wouldn’t I have left them on the shelves?  Heard a crazy statistic.  More than three human slaves have touched my smartphone.  Ugh.  It has to stop.  We have to get educated.  We have to shed the light.  Darkness cannot exist in the light.

Mom posted this website.  Good place to start.

I suppose this is one of the things I’m thinking of tonight.

Sleep well.


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