I went to the gym tonight.  Going to the gym is not an unusual thing for me.  I love going to the gym.  I like the variety.  I also like the variety of at home workouts.  Boredom is the enemy of good workouts.

Tonight’s adventure at the gym was one minute sprints, weighted and unweighted lunges, weighted squats, abs, and stretching.  So much fun!

Normally I go to the gym in the middle of the day when most people on post are at work.  At that time of day there are very few people around.  In fact there are usually only two – the I-might-be-Mark-Harmon’s-twin worker who is always upbeat and friendly and the senior citizen who lifts serious weights in a costume that probably looked fantastic on them when they were 18.

It was a different story this evening.  The weight room was full of muscle-bound, mid-twenties, tattooed, I-just-got-back-from-fighting-for-America’s-freedom-and-working-out-is-how-I-cope soldiers.  They were hauling about 80 pound dumb bells, grunting, sprinkling sweat in spray patterns, and watching football commentary on tv.  It was different.  Sorta like having a different channel on television.  Substantially less spandex.

Speaking of costumes.  I had an issue.

Can you see the issue?

My pants.  They are too long.

A solution had to be found.

So yes, I became the woman in the gym with the costume that folks like me might blog about.

Dave said the 80’s called and wanted their tight roll back.

Oh well.

Honeybadger don’t care.


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