New Year’s Reflections

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is on TV.  It is the 40th anniversary of the show begun my Dick Clark.  It would be fun to be there.  It is warm here on my couch though.  I have just been thinking through the year.  Thought I would give some highlights…

– January … first month in the new house at Fort Knox … epic snow storm in Atlanta

– February … decorated the Fort Knox house with my dream picture wall

– March … lots of driving back and forth between homes … got to meet Sabrina’s boys and go on fun dates with Dave

– April … SISTER ROAD TRIP!!!  Loved Parris…

– May … celebrated the 4th anniversary of being married to my sweetheart soldier … life is beautiful because of him … oh, and went to my very first Kentucky Derby

– June … moved to Kentucky to live with Dave full time! … began doing fun things like yoga on my patio and re-upholstering furniture

– July … started with a visit from Atlanta and continued with the addition of Gunny to our family … he is such a normal part of our lives now, especially when he wakes up at 7am on Saturday

– August … Chelsea’s stage debut in Joseph … so glad I got to be there …

– September … 10th anniversary of 9/11, called Patriot Day around here, honored with a band concert ended with Taps … also had a fun visit from Dave’s parents and gave them the KY experience gun range and all

– October … 29th birthday. Oh boy. then Belle turned 21. Jeepers … I’ll never forget surprising her for her birthday

– November … spent a day visiting and touring the music school in Bloomington … spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta and stayed there until …

– December …got to spend almost the whole month in Atlanta with all of my favorite people and got to play my absolute favorite Christmas gig that I have been playing since I was 14 … Christmas at home with old friends and new friends, truly blessed

Now on to a new year of discoveries and adventures…pursuing Jesus!


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