So today.  How to start this?  Today.  We have dogs.  Dave is at training.  Thus I have dogs.  Oh my goodness dogs.

I adore Danger and Gunny.  They are the smartest, sweetest dogs on the planet.  I even love them when Danger gives me attitude and Gunny “explores” furniture with his teeth.  Today though.  Oh my goodness the dogs today.

It rained for twenty four hours.  It got cold after the front moved through.  The dogs had to go to the bathroom.  One of the many conveniences about staying with my parents is the fenced in area out the basement door.  I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom while I got dressed.  When I called them to come in I was prepared with a towel to wipe off their feet that I was sure would be wet.  I was not prepared for the dirtballs that came running to the door.  They were both covered in mud and leaves.  Covered.  Slimy.  Happy.  Gross.

Knowing there were two dog baths in my future, I took the dogs on a long walk.  Long.  Like one and a half miles.  Not long for a run, but pretty long for a walk with two active pups attached to my arm.  They had so much fun.  They were so happy.  They were so filthy!!

I love my adorable, exhausted, CLEAN dogs!


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