In the Club

It is Saturday.  It was set to be a pretty calm and quiet Saturday.  Dave had a parade gig this morning and then he was going mountain biking with friends.  Busy Dave days leave me open to doing anything I feel like doing.  Interestingly, the last several months have been chock full of busy Dave days that left me open to do anything I felt like doing.

I’m getting better at it.  At first I would just sit, stare, and relax.  Now I make good use of these days, mostly.

Today I got up and made a semi-delicious cup of coffee.  Truly delicious cups of coffee are only made by my sweetheart barista.  Then I watched an episode of a rather stupid television show.  Minor waste of time.  Then I did some fabulous reading.  I love to read.  The sun was streaming through the blinds.  In that pattern that creates strange levels of distraction by alternating shadows and light stripes.  Worship music was playing on my stereo.  It was a seriously peaceful and encouraging environment.

It gets better and lest you think this is just a run down of my day, well, it was a particularly interesting day.

I did yoga.  Had to set up two space heaters in my yoga studio to make it comfortable enough to do all that stretching.  Gotta be a funny picture.  Definitely a rigged set up.  After I finished my practice and got all cleaned up, I chilled over a half ham sandwich.

Then I got the phone call.

Dave’s mountain biking trip had not gone as planned.  One of his buddies had fallen and Dave was taking him to the emergency room.  Mountain biking is better than road biking, according to Dave, because the trees don’t move like cars do.  I think this is an extremely good point.  It does not help when one goes slipping on the fresh fall leaves covering the trail.  He hit his head, but hopped up and jumped back on his bike like he was fine.  About ten minutes later he asked Dave if he had fallen.  Dave put him straight in the truck and headed for the hospital, calling all important parties, like for instance, wives.  His wife couldn’t find a babysitter, so I volunteered to hang with the little ones while she went to pick up the injured biker.  He ended up with just a concussion.  So grateful he is okay!  I got to play with four super kids for the afternoon.  They were full of laughter and creativity.  The older girls rode bikes and played outside until the sun went down.  The five year old was particularly into me.  She sang me songs, showed me dances, gave me tours, and decorated me with her stamp collection.

It’s like I went to a hip night club….with a low age limit and a dinosaur stamp at the door!


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