Adventures of a Short Sale Pirate : Closing

It is finished.

Praise Jesus!

The process is over.

The weight that has been lifted off of my shoulders can be described in tons. Or elephants.

The condo was on the market for fifteen months.  The first offer took 20 weeks to be approved.  Then the buyer walked.  The second offer was a blessing from the Lord.  It only took 8 weeks…only.  I learned lessons that could qualify for college credit.  Seriously.  Is there a Masters of Obnoxious Tenacity?  How about an Associate Degree in Managing People Who Work for Computers?  I could probably teach these classes!  But I am going to stick with the music scene I think.

Closing today was nice.  It was relaxed and moderately friendly.  The couple who purchased the place is charming.  They are going to love it.  It is going to be loved.  There are going to be more wonderful memories made.  Grandkids will play in the pool.  Or run in the hallway.  Coffee will be sipped on beautiful summer mornings on the porch.

I will move on with my life.


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