For Kelly

Upon hearing that my friend the mommy had dressed her baby as a “homie” this afternoon, I skipped down the hill and across the street for some sweet time with “homie” and sister and mommy!  It was so nice outside.  We just talked and laughed and played.  I love babies!

Look at those little toes!

Sister was talkative and playful today!

I had fun taking pictures…so beautiful!

Homie had stories to tell.  He was not altogether pleased in this one.

Dave came over to pump up sister’s bike tire.  She was running a bit low on air.  Dave just happens to be a bike tire specialist – especially after the number of tubes he has popped on mountain bike trails recently!

She is the most friendly and sweet girl….just telling Dave stories.

Oh and mommy doesn’t know it yet, but Homie is born to play violin or cello – or so says their string playing neighbor!

Look at that tiny little bow-bunny!  The perfect hand shape for the bow.

Okay, enough of this!  I hope Homie and Sister’s mommy and daddy enjoy the pictures.

You guys have the most beautiful babies!


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