Puppy Snacks

I love my dogs.  They continue to keep me on my toes.  They continue to entertain me.  The latest fun puppy trick is speed grabbing.  I have finally gotten the walking both dogs at the same time thing down, so I usually take them for a daily turn around the block.  Gunny has developed the ability to drop his snout and scoop up odds and ends from the sidewalk.  Normally this is not okay.  He likes crabapples – but I do not like cleaning up crabapple vomit!  It is fall now and there are more new sidewalk tidbits to grab every day.  So Gunny has taught Danger that there is a tasty treat to be found on the sidewalks.  They apparently both think they need more fiber in their diets.

Seems that everyone is our house is a health nut!


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