Adventures of a Short Sale Pirate

Today we had more developments in the short sale of our condo.  Mostly the developments are further proof of what I have learned through this whole process…

– If you want something done in a timely manner, you have to nag the living day lights out of the people doing it.

– If they say they will have an answer in 48 hours, call them back in 24.

– If they are being obviously kind, they are playing good cop bad cop.  Expect the bad cop.

– They work for computers.  I feel like a modern day John Conner.  The computers control things.

– The people cannot actually use their brains.  In order to achieve human brain involvement, you must spend hours on the phone.

Do I sound cynical?  Believe me, I am not.

These poor people have a ridiculous job to do.  Most people out there have a ridiculous job to do.  They work for computers.  They are not allowed to think.  They fill in the blanks.  They check boxes.  They monkey back whatever the computer tells them.  So I listen.  I keep track of every word.  I pray.  And I treat these people with respect.  I may feel that I am being treated unfairly or disrespectfully, but I love Jesus.  He loves these people.  So I love these people.  I continue to work toward my goal of actually selling the condo that is now worth 45% of what we paid for it and I learn the many lessons the Lord is teaching me.

So many lessons.  There is one I would like to share with you, dear readers.  I tend to feel the emotions of day to day life very deeply.  When things are hard or a struggle, I get emotional.  I have always associated how I feel with how strong my faith is.  This adventure has taught me that I can be confident in my faith no matter what I feel and that it is okay to feel emotions while being confident in my faith.  I know the Lord is in control.  That doesn’t mean I don’t hate it when the computers turn out stupid answers.  I will praise the Lord in the hard stuff just like I praise Him in the happy stuff.

Oh and one more lesson – every minute has sixty seconds, only sixty.


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