Babies and Besties…

Today was a splendid day!  I do not really have any deep thoughts about it, but I will share a bit about it anyway.  I got to hold a baby who was only a few hours old.  Such a warm, scrunchy, little bundle.  He kept making little faces and puckering his lips.  Absolutely precious.  I’m so lucky that his mommy lives just out my back door and I will get to see him and his beautiful big sister all the time!

I was super social.  Not only did I go see the baby and his mommy, I hung out with a sweet friend that I haven’t seen in weeks.  She lives so close to me.  I can see her building from the window where I’m sitting.  Yet we miss each other all the time.  It was fun to catch up a little.  She is smart and witty and has more of a Yankee edge to her humor than I’m used to in the deep South.  I like hanging out with her.

On top of all that, I met and visited with two new Army wife friends.  One of them has the most delightful rose garden down the street, and she loves dogs, so she gave Danger a lot of attention.  Poor neglected dog.  The other was a woman that the postman has been trying to set me up with.  This is the funniest story.  We have a really friendly postman.  He knows me because he sees me out walking the dogs all the time.  I’m friendly.  I smile.  He called me Mrs. Scott all the time until one day he asked me if he could call me by my first name.  I said of course he could.  So he told me that there was another wife a couple blocks over who had asked him if he knew of anyone else in the neighborhood who liked to walk.  He wanted to know if it would be okay for him to give her my name and address.  I said of course he could.  I’m always up for new friends.  I met Dixie today.  When I introduced myself, she exclaimed that she had been looking forward to meeting me because the postman had told her about me.  All very complicated.  Who knew the postman would be the local social chairman?



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