You should watch the Olympics.  Well, when they are being played.

The last summer Olympics featured a new competitor.  Rather, it featured a new performance enhancer.

Not a drug.  Don’t worry.

It is tape.  It is called Kinesio-tape and it has super magic powers.

It can get wet without falling off.  It is heat activated.  It comes in a variety of exciting colors.

Like black.

If you are watching the Olympics like I suggested, or at least clips from it, you will see this miracle material on the shoulder of a gold medal winning volleyball player.  You will see it on knees.  You will see it on wrists.  Oh yeah, that Irish youngster who is currently making a splash in professional golf – yep, check out his wrist.  It’s everywhere.

The theory is that this tape, when applied with very specific technique, helps to stabilize muscles.  It does not heat up or smell.  It is just sticky and stretchy.

Apparently it is widely used, but there has not been a whole lot of research on it.  So it could be all psychological.

But hey, whatever works.


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