Happy Labor Day!

We had some travel plans for this weekend that did not happen.  We have had the most lovely weekend.  Seriously, we woke up each day with no plan and just a few things we wanted to accomplish.  Our house is very clean.  The process of hanging our mirror mirror on the wall is a few steps farther along, though not actually on the wall.  We walked the dogs a lot.  We watched movies.  We worked out.  We told stories.  We laughed.  I feel almost completely relaxed.

We went out to the driving range.  I even got to hit a few balls!  It has been a long time since I hit golf balls.  It was more like playing putt putt.  My golf balls traveled almost exclusively along the grass.  Dave had better skill.

Whenever visiting momma and daddy, at least one of my dogs steals at least one toy from Tori and Lily.  The favorite loot is the squeaky squirrel.  The method is to chew on it so much during the visit that mom just sends it home with us.  Then the fun begins!  Danger and Gunny like to share toys.  This is a common scene.

We found our new favorite restaurant.  It is this little hole in the wall Cuban place.  It reminded me of Miami.  It reminded Dave of South Florida too.  So, so yummy!

We also got a lot of sleep.  And the dogs were cuddly….

Time for bed!


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