Puppies, Screws, and Electricity

It is Labor Day Weekend!

Dave is off work for a few days, so we get to spend a bunch of time together.  This morning we were cuddled up on the couch when a little rascal decided he would join us.

I know mom, Dave has the dog on the couch!  It took about two milliseconds for Danger to realize that Gunny was getting cuddled.  He joined the party.  Well, he mowed over the party and got Gunny riled up.

So the cuddling was over!

A quick run up Dixie to get the oil changed in Dave’s truck turned into an adventure.  Turns out the left rear tire had an Ace Hardware hardware aisle in it.  Okay, it had a nail in the tread and a screw in the side wall.  I actually think there is someone in the military service who’s job it is to walk around post scattering rusty nails and screws on the roads.  They are simply everywhere.  Anyway, we decided to head to our favorite warehouse store because they have the best deals on tires and they have great customer service.  The warehouse store is on the other side of town.  They did not have the tires in stock, naturally.  We got a great deal when we ordered them.  They will be in next week.  The tire guy we were working with came out to take a look at the tire.  Really he was looking at the variety of construction implements in the tire.

Very helpful.

When we were (finally!) almost back to post we got to witness a true disaster on the side of the road.

Technically it was in the two lanes on our side of the road, but whatever.  Details.

Belle calls this a “sucks dude” moment.

I could not agree more.

I’m thinking the truck driver, the police, the electric company workers, and the entire city that was without power had better plans for a Friday evening.

I spent a larger percentage of my day today voicing my gratitude than usual.  I am grateful for the crazy sense of humor that I share with my husband.  I am grateful for my dogs.  I am grateful the Lord is in control.  I am grateful for putting money in the savings account.  I am grateful for two cars in good working condition.

It is kind of a joyful way to spend a day.


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