Pennies and Pain

Today I used cash.  I never use cash.  I got actual change back.  Not to be silly, but really, I do not get change often.  I got twenty nine cents.  A quarter and four shiny pennies.

Did not know how much those pennies would mean to me by the end of the day.

They were brand new pennies!  So shiny that they glowed and shimmered in the sunshine.  I stepped outside and stood giggling, literally giggling, at the shininess in my hand.

Such a simple thing.  The Lord blesses with tiny simple blessings.  Depending on whether I am paying attention, I get to choose to celebrate.  Today I noticed.  I celebrated.  I jumped into a tiny puddle of blessing. And splashed!

Down the street from me there was a tragedy today.

No official word yet, but I heard the rumors.  She had children.  They were with her.  Her husband is a hero.  He was far away.  There were problems.  She gave up.  There were ambulances and military police.  There were dozens of people milling about.  They were not rushing to save anyone.  That’s how I knew.  It made me feel heavy.  I know what it feels like when it seems the world is against you.  I do not know what giving up feels like.  God is too good.  I wish she had known.

Our short sale might fall through this week.  God is good.  I will praise Him.

The pennies were a blessing.  God is good.

I will praise Him.


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