So Facebook did something interesting today.  I have heard some of my Facebook besties talk about seeing this, but I had yet to see it myself.  It was very strange.  It brought back intense emotion.  I cannot seem to figure out how to make it happen again.  I got the “Your Status on This Day Last Year” box.  It popped up in the top right corner of my profile.  This is what it said:

“Got to talk to Dave for 8 minutes today!  Only four more weeks until I see him again…”

Dave was in basic training 365 days ago.  I spoke to him for eight minutes.  That is a funny story actually.  He only got to use the phone on Sundays and that usually happened while I was running one of my youth orchestra rehearsals.  My assistant’s number one job during those rehearsals was to make sure my phone got answered.  When he did call, she would come running into my rehearsal to take over for me and I would go running outside where there was a good signal to talk to my soldier-husband for a few precious minutes.  It was a rough 72 days that he was in training.  In a lot of ways.

Tonight is a cool breezy Kentucky night.  We took a long leisurely walk with the dogs.  We have time to share what is on our minds.  We have time to tell ridiculous stories about the risks of getting “burned up”.  Knowing exactly what I felt this time last year makes me extra grateful to my beautiful Savior for the paths He has taken us on.  Cherish the moments.  Maybe that is why I blog now.  It is a way to record the blessings the Lord pours out on me, on us.  Sometimes those blessings are seen best through a +365 day lens.

Where were you on August 29, 2010?  I hope you remember the blessing.

Remembering is the nursemaid of joyful gratitude.


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