I have some significant health issues.  Nurses chuckle when I answer their question about what medicines I am on.  The list must sound like a geriatric patient.  The level of my gratitude for the excellent health care provided to soldiers and families can barely be described.  The doctors are smart.  The medicine costs very little.  Everything is in one building about three miles from my house.  I mean seriously, medical care cannot get better.  And I deal with a lot of medical care.

Enough celebration.  Tonight I wanted to share one moment in the care I have been receiving that has kept me thinking for days.  My physical therapist is an enormous 5’6″ dude.  He is huge.  I actually respect him and the muscle work he is doing with me a little extra because he is crazy muscular.  He wears glasses.  He has a thick accent, a fact he vehemently denies.  He smiles a lot once he gets to know you.  He likes to talk about his favorite sports team that got annihilated in their last game.  Like seriously defeated.  Can you tell I have fun in there?

I had a painful muscle spasm in the middle of the night.  It hurt like fire.  It hurt so much I was nauseous.  I went to therapy at 8am.  Yeah, that does not mean my muscle had relaxed.  I was stiff.  Probably looked like a walking mannequin as I waddled my way into the hospital.  He asked how I was doing.  I was honest.  I was miserable.  He shrugged his shoulders and told me to get started with my exercises.  Heartless.  I carefully lowered myself onto the mat.  And then I did my exercises.  My muscle still hurt.  I was still stiff.  But it didn’t stop me.  I could get past my pain and do what needed doing.

In that moment, there was a sparkly success.  One of those moments that when you look back through the photo album of your memories there is rosy light and fairy dust surrounding the event.  How often do I allow pain to dictate what I will or will not do?  So often.  Why does pain get that power over me?  It shouldn’t.  There are many quotes about pain.  Chiropractors say pain is the body telling you something is wrong.  Soldiers say pain is weakness leaving the body.  I think I am realizing my own conclusion about pain.  Pain happens.  There are more important things that can and should impact my choices.  The Lord’s grace.  The Lord’s will.  Joy.  Love.  Passion.  I can function and achieve regardless of pain.  I can respect my husband.  I can laugh with my mom.  I can smile at the gate guard.  I can listen to my sister.  I can cuddle my puppy.  I do not mean this to sound sappy.  It was a profound moment for me.

The paradigm shift was fast.

Pain happens.



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