I did not blog yesterday.

Normally I am a little OCD about stuff like doing something everyday commitments.  I am learning a thing or two about prioritizing and relaxing.  Some days blogging will just take a back seat.  Most days will be like today though – a blog!

I made the drive back to Fort Knox yesterday.  Gunny did very well in the car.  Only threw up once.  Yeah, that was gross.  Overall it was an easy drive.  During our regular Starbucks stop in Smyrna he decided he wanted to drive.

Isn’t he so super cute?!?!

I got home just in time for my physical therapy appointment.  I’ll have to do a whole post on that.  It is pretty incredible.  After all the driving and time at the hospital I was completely wiped.  Thus no post yesterday.  Wanna know what energy I had left?

Not much.


One thought on “Yesterday

  1. you and that cuddly puppy sure do look exhausted from all your travels!! it was such a treat to spend the weekend with you … and that precious cuddly critter of yours! xo

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